Sarees are my passion
Sarees are my passion

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Written by: Bindu Lakshmi Kankipati, edited by: Kiran Kankipati
Published: 13-Nov-2017

I am super excited today! Because I am sharing forty years old traditional Bangalore(Bengaluru) handloom silk saree which my dad gave to my mother during the wedding. In India, generally, it is a customary that Groom side they are supposed to give to the Bride a traditional outfit which is a saree in south India. Being a saree enthusiastic I did not see my mom's wedding saree which is very strange haha, recently when I visited my parent's house, I was having a casual talk to my dad and my mom was deep cleaning her closet, I noticed a couple of sarees which was very interesting, one such saree was her wedding saree!!

My mom's 1977 Wedding Saree - Sarees are my passion - blog

A couple of decades back after modernization, it is a new culture that we generally go to a shopping mall a store and we shop, but during 70's a home, backyard or a garage was a loom. Hailing from a weaving community my ancestors were weaving sarees at home, alright during the chat session with my dad I generally asked him where he purchased this saree and how much he paid for this stunning piece of weave? So he said in the year 1977, Adugodi in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India and it was around $6 present price.

So getting back to the saree, this aesthetically handcrafted saree is light weight and hence easy to drape and much of a note that this saree is neatly preserved, an applause to my mom! When it comes to color of the saree it is Royal purple and a blend of other colors such as orange, golden yellow and blue as well, the motifs are gracefully crafted with Sqaure which I don't see much in recent years in traditional drapes. This is not a Madras checks, much of a simple stripes & checks which are interlock together creating a graceful pattern in a horizontal and vertical manner, and when it comes to Pallu(falling edge of the saree) in modern ones you can see a metre plus and in this saree around half a metre woven with mango, flowers and geometric circles and lastly my mom have not done any addition embellishments for the tassel area. My Personal note about this saree is all the old traditional ones have to be recreated and give a modern touch to these drapes!

Traditional sarees are not just weaves they are timeless Masterpieces.

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